We Love to Praise Him!!!

The Women of Praise were born when in December 2015, a group of friends, all singers in various choirs of the church, thought it would be fun to come together and render music unto the Lord at the New Year’s Eve service at their home church.  They were pleased to be invited back the following year.  They began to refine their selections and soon saw the impact that their music had on others. 

The Women of Praise love to sing and truly desire to give an excellent praise unto the Lord.  Its members bring various musical experiences to the group spanning from gospel to classical music.  The love and respect that they have for one another adds to the joy that you see when they sing!

 The Women of Praise have ministered at their home church, the Fort Foote Baptist Church (Fort Washington, Maryland) as well as at churches in the DC Metropolitan area.  They have participated in revivals and special church programs, as well as supporting causes, such as Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Ultimately, the Women of Praise just want to please and praise the Lord! 

The Women of Praise are comprised of Carla Blake, Dr. Michelle Craig, Rev. Vernell Goode, Charlene Miott-Jones, Debra Reid and Gorgette Green-Hodnett, who serves as the group’s music director.   

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. ~ Psalms 98:4


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